it was a seconds before 1D was announced as the best new artist on the VMA’s. you can see Eleanor being worried, putting her hands together nervously kinda praying for them to win . it’s too cute to handle i’m out. and i know there is a heartbreaking payzer moment but can we not talk about it please too much cuteness


Elounor + travels 

Eleanor being silly


some throwbacks for the hell of it

This is Us Premiere

Louis was looking at Eleanor!

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Title: Louis talks about Eleanor
Artist: the hits radio interview
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Louis Tomlinson talks about his relationships, twitter and attention

#how he says ELeanoooh with a happy excitement in his voice #that’s how person who’s in love sounds #i would feel awkward if i were the interviewer #she handles it greeeeaat #love that part #she’s not a shy person #everyone should listen it! #can we just forget about thing we fight and enjoy him being happy? ^^